Chapter 9: Recovery

Wildwing stood staring at the still unconscious human who was now laying on a bed in the infirmary. He sighed just before a hand was put onto his shoulder. Looking in the direction of the owner he found Mallory standing beside him.
“It wasn’t your fault, Wildwing,” she said.
“Yes, it was,” he replied, returning his gaze to Agnus, who was being tended to by Tanya.
“No, it wasn’t. Tanya's examined Agnus’ helmet and found a scorch mark on it that she says was caused by a blaster like the ones the Saurians use.”
“Which means they were either aiming for me and missed or aiming at Agnus because she was with me. The Saurians know how to get to us! Take out a friend and…” Wildwing couldn’t continue. He was just thankful that nothing worse had happened to Agnus. The paramedics who had arrived on the scene before the others had, had said she would be okay when she came around. All she would have would be a severe headache.
At that moment, Duke, Nosedive and Grin walked in.
“How’s she doing?” Duke asked, looking over at Tanya.
“Okay as can be expected I guess,” Tanya replied.
Duke nodded before looking at Wildwing.
“How are you holdin’ up?” he asked.
Wildwing just nodded.
“Chill, bro. Tanya’s the best medic we know. She’ll take care of Aggie,” Nosedive said, earning himself a smile from Tanya.
“I know, baby bro, but… I can’t help but think that… if I just hadn’t taken her out for that drive…,” Wildwing started.
“Hey! You were just doing what you do best. Being a ‘big brother’ an’ tryin’ ta help her out. I may have been wrecked when I came home earlier, Wing, but… I saw that frown on Ags’ face before I left the kitchen. She had suspicions that I was trying to look up her past in the library. Now I know that I may be able to find something there.”
“Duke!” Wildwing reprimanded.
“Sorry. Point is, you did the right thing. It’s not your fault she got hurt,” Duke replied.
Wildwing averted his eyes from Duke’s and then looked at Agnus. She was still out cold.
“We’ve notified Phil as to what’s happened too, just so you know,” Duke said.
“Right. The sooner he finds out the better,” Wildwing replied, beginning to head over to Agnus’ bedside.
The others just looked at their leader as he pulled up a chair and took a seat next to the bed. It was obvious that he still felt responsible and no amount of talking otherwise from them would change that.
Tanya took one last look at her leader and the unconscious human before taking her leave of the bedside and beginning to approach the others.
“Let’s give them some time alone,” she said quietly, gently ushering the group out.
The others nodded in agreement and then took their leave.

The Ducks’ base was in darkness except for one small ‘nightlight’ in the infirmary where Wildwing was still at his post next to Agnus, his arms crossed and resting on the bed and his head resting on his arms while he slept. Phil had stormed into the infirmary earlier with the others behind him, but his fury evaporated when he saw Wildwing asleep at his post next to Agnus. Now everyone was peacefully asleep and resting. Wildwing’s eyes fluttered open when he heard someone breathing rapidly near him. Looking up sleepily, he saw no one, but then saw that it was in fact Agnus. She looked like she was having a bad dream.
Wildwing reached out his hand and gently set it on Agnus’ forehead.
“Shhh,” he hushed quietly, “It’s okay. It’s okay.”
He gently stroked her head until her breathing returned to a steady pace and then smiled to himself. He remembered the days when he used to do that to Nosedive. He still had to every now and then, but those times were getting less and less as the young drake got older.
Once he was sure that Agnus was settled, he settled himself back in his seat and, not even a minute later, fell asleep.

It was well into the next day when Agnus awoke with a start.
“O-oh. Welcome back to the land of the living,” Duke said, while he turned the page in his magazine.
“Duke?” Agnus asked between her rapid breaths.
“That’s my name,” he replied looking at her and setting his magazine down, “How you feeling?”
Agnus took a moment to take inventory of her physical and mental state.
“Woozy and confused. What… what…,” she started, beginning to look like she was going to faint.
“Relax, Aggie, relax. I’m ‘ere. Jus’ lie back down,” Duke said, gently laying her down again and covering her with the blanket.
“What happened?” Agnus finally managed to ask.
“You were shot in the head with a laser we think.”
Agnus’ eyes went wide as she heard the news.
“Good thing you were wearing a helmet,” Duke said with a smile.
“No kidding. Wait! Where’s Wildwing?! Is he…?!” Agnus started, but stopped when Duke put a firm, but reassuring hand onto her shoulder.
“He’s fine. Just a bit shook up because of what happened ta ya,” Duke replied.
Duke just smiled at the girl before him, glad to see that she had settled back down.
“So… how long am I going to be bed bound?” Agnus asked.
“Until Tanya gives ya the green light,” Duke replied.
Agnus just nodded at the explanation.
“You want me to call Wildwing in?” Duke asked.
“Yeah. If you don’t mind, Duke,” Agnus replied with a smile.
“Not in the least.”
With that Duke took his leave to find the leader of the Ducks.

It wasn’t long before Wildwing came in at a very brisk walk with Duke a few yards behind him.
“Hey,” Agnus said with a smile when she caught sight of the lead duck.
“Hey. You okay?” he asked, coming to a stop at her bedside and taking her hand into his. It was obvious that he was nervous.
“I’m fine, Wing. Chill… that should be easy for you being an ice skater and all.”
Wildwing couldn’t help but smile. He was glad to see Agnus as her normal self.
“Told ya she was fine,” Duke said, walking in.
“Yeah. Thanks, Duke. I appreciate you coming to get me,” Wildwing said, turning to look at the older drake.
Duke waved it off and smiled, “Not a problem, Wing. I’ll uh… just leave you two alone then.”
Wildwing just nodded and smiled appreciatively.
Duke nodded and smiled back before taking his leave.
“So,” Wildwing started, turning back to face Agnus, “You planning on getting up anytime soon?”
“Haven’t seen Tanya yet. Duke said she’d be telling me when I can get moving again and, if there’s one thing I know, you don’t mess with a medic.”
Wildwing smiled and pulled up the chair he had been using earlier that morning.
“True,” he said, sitting down.
“Are you okay?” Agnus asked, tightening her grip on Wildwing’s hand.
“I’m fine. Totally and completely. You’re the one who got shot.”
“So Duke told me. Wow. Something I can cross off of the old ‘been-there-done-that’ list.”
Wildwing just shook his head and smiled at the girl before him.
“Why didn’t you tell me she was awake?!” came Phil’s voice suddenly from the passageway.
“‘Cause she just woke up, Phil. I’d just fetched Wildwing for ‘er when you arrived,” Duke replied, just as he followed Phil into the infirmary.
“Fetched him? I thought he was sitting by her bedside.”
Agnus’ eyes widened when she heard her uncle’s comment, while Wildwing cringed slightly.
Agnus looked at Wildwing, but before she could ask him what Phil was talking about, said uncle entered the room.
“Aggie! How’re you feeling?” he asked, briskly walking around to her other side and taking her hand in both of his.
“I’m fine, Uncle Phil. Just fine,” Agnus replied, while Wildwing released her hand and stepped back from the bed.
“I’ll leave you two alone then,” he said, turning to leave.
“Okay, but… I want a word with you later, Mr. Team Captain,” Agnus replied, looking at the lead duck half suspiciously and half admirably.
Wildwing just smiled knowingly and nodded his agreement before taking his leave.
“What do you want to talk with him about?” Phil asked.
“Just something. Nothing to worry yourself about, Uncle Phil,” Agnus replied with a smile.
“Okay. I actually wanted to talk with you about something too.”
“Yeah. We’ve… found a permanent janitor.”
Agnus’ eyes widened slightly in surprise hearing the news, but then nodded understandingly.

A few hours later, the Ducks were on the rink practicing when Phil came out of the locker room on his way through to his office. Wildwing caught sight of the manager and held his hands up to call a time out.
“Time out, team! I’ll be right back,” Wildwing said, skating over to the side of the rink closest to Phil.
Phil seemed completely oblivious to the fact that the Ducks had noticed him. That is until…
“Phil!” Wildwing called from down on the rink.
Phil looked just in time to see the lead Duck hopping over the boards to come up to him.
“What’s up, Boobella?” Phil asked, while Wildwing made his way up to him.
“I just wanted to ask you how Ags was doing,” Wildwing replied somewhat quietly as he neared the manager.
Phil smiled at the lead duck before replying, “She’s fine. Glad that she won’t be cleaning up any more.”
“We’ve got a new permanent janitor. She’s been relieved of duty. Now, if you’ll excuse me, Wildwing, I’ve got some things to see to.”
With that Phil continued on his way through to his office.
“B-but what about Aggie?! What’s she going to do for a job?” Wildwing asked after the team manager.
“I’m sorry, Wildwing, but I don’t have time to explain. Aggie’ll explain everything when you go to talk to her after practice. Ciao.”
At that moment Phil disappeared around the corner and left Wildwing, his shoulders sagging by an inch or so, alone in the corridor.
“Wildwing! We getting back to practice or what?” Duke asked, pulling Wildwing from his thoughts.
“Huh? Oh! Yes. Coming,” Wildwing replied, though his mind wasn’t exactly on practicing right now.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Anaheim, deep within the Raptor, Dragaunus was finishing up taking inventory of the previous night’s raid.
“So, dat’s everything right, boss?” Chameleon asked hopefully.
“Not quite. We still need a few key ingredients,” Dragaunus replied, looking at the clipboard he held in his claws.
“Such as?” Siege asked.
Dragaunus stroked his chin thoughtfully before a sinister smile crept onto his face, his white fangs glinting in the sparse lighting of the room giving him an even more evil look.
“Boss?” Chameleon asked. He wasn’t too fond of Dragaunus not responding like that.
Dragaunus turned and looked at his three henchmen. They shrunk back from him.
“Siege,” he started casually.
“Yes,” Siege replied cautiously.
“Have you figured out what I’m planning yet or not?”
“No, sir.”
“Who could figure out why you wanted human cosmetic products, unless you’re thinkin’ of startin’ up your own beauty parlour,” Chameleon said, instantly regretting what he had just said when Dragaunus gave him a cold glare.
“Very true, Chameleon,” Dragaunus said, choosing to ignore the comment, “If not even my own henchmen can figure out what I’m planning…”
“How can the Ducks,” Wraith finished for him, realising his leader’s truly brilliant scheme.