Chapter 6: On Patrol

It was nearing ten o’clock at night when Agnus heard a knock at her door.
“Come in,” she said, looking towards the door from her spot on her armchair.
The doors hissed open and Wildwing walked in.
“Hey,” Wildwing said.
“Hey, good game?” Agnus asked.
“I thought you didn’t like hockey.” Wildwing folded his arms across his chest.
“I don’t. I’m just being polite.”
Wildwing’s mood dampened slightly, but he quickly moved on.
“It was okay. Five-three, our favour,” he said.
“Well done.”
Agnus just nodded.
“You… ready to go for that ride? The others are already getting ready in the Migrator,” he said.
“Sure,” Agnus replied, setting her book down and getting up.
Wildwing smiled at her and then turned to lead the way out.

“Remember, we’ll meet up back here after we’ve done our searches,” Wildwing said, looking up at Duke and Tanya who were piloting the Migrator.
“Okay,” they replied in unison.
Wildwing nodded and then kick-started the duckcycle he and Agnus were on. The Migrator began to move forward towards the exit and Wildwing readied himself for a little stunt he had planned.
“Hang on, Aggie,” he said.
Agnus tightened her grip around the drake’s middle just as he revved the duckcycle’s engine.
Suddenly the cycle reared up onto it’s back wheel and rocketed forward, past the Migrator.
The other Ducks just watched in amazement as they saw the duckcycle whiz past them, on one wheel.
Duke wound down the window of the Migrator again and, just before Wildwing and Agnus rounded the corner, yelled out, “Show off!”
There was a faint chuckle from Wildwing before he disappeared around the corner and out of the chute.
Duke pulled himself back into the Migrator and looked at the other Ducks, who all still seemed to be in various stages of surprise.
“She’s good for him,” Grin said, smiling half amusedly and half sagely.
“Yeah,” Nosedive said, half chuckling, “I’ve never seen Wildwing so… casual.”
“You’ve never seen him like this?” Duke asked, looking back at the younger drake.
Nosedive shook his head.
Duke looked forward again, trying to compute this.
“O-kay,” he finally said, just as they neared the chute to exit their underground headquarters and enter the streets of Anaheim.

Wildwing steered the duckcycle straight and true down the centre of his lane.
“Anaheim changed any since you were last here, Aggie?” Wildwing asked, looking back at Agnus over his shoulder.
“Not really. Some minor changes. You know, like shops moving and stuff like that,” Agnus replied.
Wildwing just nodded.
Just then they passed an alleyway and Wildwing almost caused an accident by slamming on the brakes.
“Oh! Wing!” Agnus said, pushing her helmet up again so that she could see.
“Guys,” Wildwing said into his wrist-com.
“We’re on our way. We just picked up the teleportation signals now,” Duke replied.
“What?” Agnus asked.
“Good. I’m going to get Agnus out of here.”
“Good idea. Join us once you’ve gotten her out of harm's way.”
With that the communication ended and Wildwing began to turn the duckcycle around.
“Wildwing, what’s going on here?” Agnus asked.
“I’m getting you out of here. I don’t want you getting hurt by a stray laser or puck for that matter,” Wildwing replied.
“Dragaunus’ goons?”
“You got it.”
“Hey! Don’t worry about me. You’ve got a job to do.”
“Yes. Getting you out of here.”
Agnus rolled her eyes.
“No. Look, Wing, the guys could take forever to get here. You’re here now,” Agnus said.
Wildwing looked back at her over his shoulder.
“I’ve heard how often you’ve come close to getting these guys, but haven’t. You’ve got the element of surprise now. Use it!” Agnus said.
“How…,” Wildwing started.
“Shiga. She knows just about everything about you guys, including that which isn’t hockey related.”
Wildwing smiled at Agnus and turned the duckcycle back around.
“Just stay low and you should be okay,” Wildwing said.
“Gotcha,” Agnus replied with a smile.
When they reached the entrance to the alley which the droids and at least one Saurian were down, Wildwing stopped to let Agnus off.
“Go get ‘em,” Agnus said, as she dismounted.
Wildwing smiled at her before putting on his mask and turning his attention to the job at hand. Meanwhile, Agnus found a place to hide behind some nearby trashcans. Wing revved the engine of the duckcycle for a second or two and then… up onto the back wheel, he was off into the alley.
“If nothing else the dude knows how to make an entrance,” Agnus said with a slightly amused smile.
It wasn’t long before the other Ducks arrived on the scene.
Agnus stayed put behind the trashcans, but cringed every time she heard one of the Saurians cry out in pain or fright.
“They don’t hold back,” she said with a slightly amused smile.
Suddenly she had an unexpected visitor come crashing down on top of her. She let out a yelp of fright before realising who it was.
“Chameleon!” she exclaimed backing up.
Chameleon pushed himself up and shook his head before looking at Agnus.
“What? You never seen a Saurian before?” he asked, getting up.
Agnus just kept quiet.
At that moment Chameleon had a brilliant idea.
“That’ll work,” he said, beginning to glow that glittery green he always did before shape shifting.
The Ducks meanwhile were too busy dealing with Siege and Wraith to really bother about where Chameleon had disappeared to.
“Ahem!” Chameleon called from the sidelines in his body builder voice.
The fighting group looked over in his direction and the Ducks froze.
“Let go, you overblown lizard!” Agnus growled, trying to free herself from Chameleon’s grip.
“What’ll it be, Ducks?” Chameleon asked, holding Agnus higher.
Siege and Wraith took advantage of the Ducks being distracted and moved over to stand with Chameleon.
Agnus finally stopped struggling and looked towards the Ducks. Wildwing was obviously trying to come up with a plan, as was Duke apparently. The others stood ready to assist. Just then something caught Agnus’ eye, just to the side of the Ducks. Duke, being the most attuned to subtle looks and gestures, picked up that Agnus had seen something.
“So?” Siege asked, enjoying the taunting.
“It’s your move, Ducks,” Wraith added.
“You’re darn right it is!” Duke yelled back at them, darting to the side and picking up a piece of broken drainpipe that was handily in the rough shape of a hockey stick.
Before the Saurian’s could realise what was happening, Duke had shot an old can straight at Chameleon’s head, just like he would’ve shot a puck. The can collided with Chameleon’s noggin. He let out a cry and dropped Agnus.
“Run, Aggie!” Wildwing commanded, readying himself to open fire on the Saurians.
Agnus wasted no time and took off towards the Ducks.
Nosedive and Grin moved aside to allow her through.
“Fire!” Wildwing commanded, opening fire on the Saurians.
The other Ducks didn’t need a second invitation. A hailstorm of pucks suddenly barraged the Saurian trio.
“Ow! Hey! Watch it!” the Saurians protested.
“Let’s beat it!” Siege said, pressing the teleport button on his wrist-com.
“Don’t need to tell me twice!” Chameleon agreed, pressing his own teleport button.
With that the three disappeared in their typical sparkly green phase-out.
“They’ll be back,” Wildwing said.
“Natch,” Nosedive replied.
Wildwing looked at his team and noticed Duke frowning at him.
“What?” he asked.
“I thought you said you were going to get Agnus outta ‘ere,” Duke said, arms folded across his chest disapprovingly.
“I was, but…,” Wildwing started.
Duke raised an eyebrow at the leader of the team.
“Don’t blame Wing, Duke,” Agnus said from behind Grin.
Grin moved aside so that the others could see her.
“I told him not to leave as the chance of the Saurians getting away before you guys arrived was too great. If Wing hadn’t been here, keeping them busy, you may never have had a chance to capture them,” Agnus continued.
Duke looked from Agnus to Wildwing.
“She has a point,” Mallory said.
“Hmm, I guess so,” Duke replied, not entirely happy with the fact.
Wildwing smiled at the swordsman, as did Agnus.
“So, onward?” Agnus asked.
“Homeward for you, sweetheart,” Duke said before turning his attention to Wildwing, “We’ll continue our patrol, while you drop Agnus here off back at the Pond.”
“Okay. Be on your toes, team. Those Saurian sleaze buckets might come back quicker than we anticipate,” Wildwing said, putting a hand on Agnus’ shoulder and beginning to lead her back to where he had parked the duckcycle.
“Gotcha,” the others replied.
Wildwing smiled at them over his shoulder before climbing aboard the cycle with Agnus behind him. There was a squeal of tyres as he spun the bike around and out of the alley.
The other Ducks watched until he was out of sight and then returned to the Migrator to continue their patrol.