Born To Be Me

So we freed another labor camp today, and again, the leader of those D ucks who were imprisoned there, gave me this speech again – how they are thankful for my help, that I was a real hero, that I was born a hero.
Heard that before many, many times. But actually, they are wrong. I wasn’t born a hero, I was just born. That hero-thing somehow happened to me. I didn’t wake up one morning and thought, “Wow, it would be great to be a hero, I think I’ll be a hero from now on”. No, seriously, I didn’t.
I just wake up each and every morning, get up and do what I think is right. And they make me a hero for that! I don’t understand them. Me? A hero? Never!
I fight Saurians, that’s all. Many others in the Resistance do that. But they don’t call them heroes quite as often as they call me one.
Okay, I take the lead most of the time, but does this make me a hero? No. It just means that I’m good at leading, nothing more, nothing less. So many others risk their life every day because they do exactly what I do, but I’m called a hero, they aren’t.
I don’t deserve this. You know, heroes just appear from the shadows, do their hero-stuff and disappear in the shadows again. No chance that’d ever happen to me. I do have a past. A very non-heroic past.
How many heroes were thieves in their past? How many heroes picked fights in bars just for fun? See? I am so NOT a hero.
But they keep calling me one.
Well, they will find out about my past one day. So far, no-one was interested in what I was doing before they decided to make me their hero. But they will one day because you want to know anything about your hero, don’t you? I just hope they won’t be too disappointed.
Or maybe they’ll just skip my past because they want me to appear out of nowhere, save them and disappear again like I’ve never even existed. Well, then, if it helps you, just go ahead. If it gives you hope, I don’t mind.
But really, there are so many Ducks that deserve being called a hero so much more than I do. Why did they pick me? Because of my looks? Okay, that might be it. No, just kidding.
I don’t care if anyone thinks I am a hero. If they want to, okay. I just think I don’t deserve it, that’s all. But I realized having someone they can look up to, helps them. I’ve seen so many fights where the Ducks were pushed back by the Saurians, but the moment they realized I was there, they mustered up their last resources, fought back and finally defeated a superiority of Saurians. And that just for the fact they knew I was there.
So if I can help the Ducks of Puckworld by doing what I think is right and letting them turn me into their hero in the course, well, then be it. They need something to hold on to. And if this means turning the unlikeliest of drakes into a hero, that’s okay. I’ll allow them to do so, but not for me. I’ll let them do that for themselves.
I am no hero. Never was. Never will be. Least of all I was born a hero.
I was just born to be Drake DuCaine. I was born to be me.